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n the maserati to pull him out the maserati to try to give him the cpc. >>reporter: kenny clutch died, as did the 62-year-old driver. >> what happeneden to strip today will not be tolerated. these individuals will be found and prosecuted to the full extent. >>reporter: they're still looking for the black range rover. they've put out alert in three states. >> a lot of people are saying this remind them of tupac. >>reporter: as a matter of fact. he was a hip-hop artist internationally known. his shooting happened a block
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and a half from today's incident. that happened back in 1996. that murder was never solved. he's a beloved figure in the bay area as he grew up there. >> all right. joe vasquez thank you. chris talked to kenny clutch's friend and family tonight. they say he left the bay area, hoping to find a better and safer life inform vegas . >>reporter: his stage name was kenny clutch. in this video he cruises the las vegas strip in a maserati. art would imitate live. he was driving his maserati down the biggest strip this morning when he was gunned down. >> i can't believe that happened to him. >>reporter: tonight friend and family it will candled for up the and coming rapper.
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his cousin said he left beed mind three chirp. his friend and family say he grow up on this block. they say he left oakland to try to get away from the violence and pursue a rap career in vegas. >> anyone can say he's a good loving person. >>reporter: his family is left stepped, picking up the piece of a career that never a chance to take off. >> i'm trying to be there for my aunt. she's trying to be strong. >>reporter: in oakland kristen. >> he had been arrested several times in oakland and berkeley. also in the news tonight work on the new span of the bay bridge came to a crashing halt earlier today. a crane below the bridge collapsed.
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earlier i took a boat out on the bay to get an up-close look. >>reporter: the red section that you see the sparks coming off of is the upper section of the crane that came crashing down. just behind that to the left is the a piece of work that held up the roadway. that came crashing down as well under the barge. now we're going to swing underneath the bridge and you'll see the original crane that rolled over. there it is. >> still a very active scene out. there david action is on treasure island and has the latest -- considering the side of this, it's no -- it's a surprise no one was hurt. >>reporter: david snap
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ped these pictures of the crane and support steel coming down. he could see under the bridge and heard the first sounds of accident. >> it's shocking, like wow what's going on. we saw pieces coming down. >>reporter: others at marinas saw the collapse unfolding. >> it kept going. by the time i turned around, i noticed one of the cranes was gone and the scaffolding was hanging. >>reporter: two cranes have been taking down the underlying structure. engineers didn't want the supports to come down this fast. they are still investigate why the crane gave way. >> the crane tipping over only caused cosmetic damage to one of the cross beams. there's no damage to the
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structural integrity. >>reporter: no delays are now for the bridge project. it does remain on schedule. no injuries, which is fortunate for thchlt college. -- for this. schedule remains on course. back to you. >> david, a pparently a lot of people heard this thing and didn't know what was going on. people on treasure island tonight have been e-mailing me, saying they heard a huge bang this afternoon. >>reporter: it was live, no doubt about it. a lot of people around the area here could see hear and what took place. it was a loud event. everyone thought, the as they glanced up, this could lead the some number of injuries because that's the first thing you could associate with. that miraculously, that did not happen but it caught a lot of
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people's attention. >> thank you david. >> remember the infamous chili finger lady, the woman who lied about finding a mentioner in chili? she's back behind bars. she's accused off con contact ing concaucting a story to save her son. a newark man is accused of turning his garage goo a into a gun factory. neighbors were shocked to learn that lewis had been building his arsenal for six months. >> it was pretty scare. he never really bothered
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anybody. >> we had infer been concerned or felt threatened. >> he faces up to ten years in prison. when the feds asked why he told them he wanted to see if he could build a gun at home. any sense of normalcy left in syria's capitol was shattered today by bombings. the largest blue up outside the headquarters of the president's masses. at least 75 people were killed in the attacks. hundreds more were hurt. within minutes there were reports of fighting between force. coming up, silicone valley's dirty past comes back to haunt them. 70 grand a year, plus they will drive you to work. the bay area company with hundreds of job openings and you
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don't even need a degree. the old bay bridge shelters a driving colony of sea birds but their nesting days are under. how caltran hopes to lure them to the new span coming up next.
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we are all reflections of the people who came before us. at new york life everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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kpix 5's kiet do says toxic vapors have been found at the company's offices it seems one of silicone valley's dirty little secrets is coming back to thaunt haunt the giant google. toxic say portion have been found there. >>reporter: we're sitting across for from a site where decades ago, toxic chemicals were put into the grown. >>reporter: they are known as google builds qd6 and 7. problem began when construction allowed air to seep up from undergrounds. >> there has to be repairs to the foundation and that's how vapors may have been created to potentially migrate into the
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building. >>reporter: it turns the out the building sits on what used to be a semiconductor. the companies used a chemical to make chips. they dumped solvent into the ground. the normal range is 5 micrograms for cubic meter. the google building thating had help to 8. the employees were exposed for several months. >> it's good that once we found the results that prompt action was taken. >>reporter: we saw employees coming and going from the buildings, one of which is used as a customer briefing center. one worker told us he was fine with being at the site because google posts the testing data online. from neighbor, the reaction
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ranged from apathy to shock. >> i live right across the street. it's not good. wow. i didn't even know about this. >>reporter: google released the statement and said the health and safety of our employees is google's number one priority and we ensure the healthiest air possible. >>reporter: the concern with neighbors is that toxic plume of chemical ss were making its way into the homes. live in mownuntain view. the fisherman who rescued two sisters after a car crash say they had a hunch something was wrong. authorities believe the girl, ages 4 and 2 were in the woods for some eight hours had huddled in a blanket. this happened in washington
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state. the older sister pulled the other sister from the wreckage. he was hurt. the mother died. >> they were laying there staring at me. i said, babies, are you okay? the older one started crying and said we're cold. >> police believe the mother fell asleep from behind the wheel. >> they started building the bay bridge orthotics one imagined the trickiest part would be getting birds to room. they have nested out of site on the beams for years now. kral trapc -- caltran has tried to move them. >>reporter: on bridge, there's in colony of bird. there are up to 400 nests hidden
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along a mile stretch of the bridge. >> they like it here. they like that bay bridge. they have been here for 20 years. >>reporter: when the bridge is dishand ed, the -- dismantled, the birds will love their home. caltran saw this coming and spent the money to build these condos in the bridge, where the birds can make a new hope. >> we haven't observed any movement yet. >>reporter: birds of a feather are picky about where they block together. >> it is frustrating. >>reporter: last year, caltran started wooing the birds.
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they wouldn't be budged. >> we decided to get creative. >>reporter: lauren is. >>what ed charged with getting in the minds of birds. >>reporter: here's a view you would never see. we are at the underspelly. workers are installing 16 speakers here to protect the sound of mating. >>reporter: talk about love birds. that is the sound of population. workers are wiring the bridge in time for the mating season, which reasons from mark to august. it's a plan that could sink or sore. >> we've put in the time and research to design something that could work but they not because they're birds. >>reporter: caltran said time is on their signed they won't move
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this bridge until 2015. until then they will be watching and waiting. >> while that's going on here, snow is bombarding the midwest making travel there a nightmare. we're not kidding. >> it's not your average snowstorm. take a look. it's a phenomenal called thunder snow. some parts of kansas could see 18 inches. >> you have lived around the country. have you ever seen that before? >> it was a snowstorm in philadelphia thunder snow for about two hours had an unstable
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air mass. it happens in depp ing -- depths of winter. here's the radar. we've going nothing on it. we are going to stay dry. how about a forecast all the way through memorial day where we will likely be one of the driest spots in the coup friday. the three-month outlook is keeping us dry. here's the reason y we have pressure over the top of us, taking the storms and sending them up into the pacific northwest, missing us. that's the pattern now and the climate prediction center says that will likely be the pattern. a lot of rainfall to the north but little for us. our futurecast model predicting a ton of rain for seattle and but sow for bay area . the moisture stays north.
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we get to enjoy the sunshine. we will stay dry for final days of the february. american managers will be chilly and high temperatures close to average. highs had tomorrow, san jose 62. right around 60 for berkeley. low 60s, beautiful in wine country tomorrow. your extended forecast calling for highs in the low 60s all the way through the weekend. sunday will be sunnier than saturday. that's your forecast. be right back.
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no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. area. a big bio-tech company has hundreds of job openings. and julie watts says all week we've been looking at who is hiring here in the bay area. a big biotech company has
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hundreds of job openings and julie watts says it doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about what they do. >> it was one of the most exciting days in my life that i got the call. >>reporter: for kate, the call that led to a career came out of college. benny's job began after two decades of brewing beer. >> i wanted to transition my sign ticket knowledge -- scientific knowledge. >>reporter: this company hopes to full lots of positions. some current openings pay 70 to $80,000 a year. when most people think biotech they think a specialized career. what would you say to those folks? >> we have job openings in
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sales, clinical trials. >>reporter: the company encourages home to moves people to move departments. >>reporter: they fastoster a lot of developmental opportunities and encourage you to stretch your horizon. >>reporter: when you're going from beer to biotech they may have a job for you. >> it's cool and exciting to have the job. >>reporter: for information, head to
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the full monty's bears were looking for their 11th straight win against oregon.. 39 when well, the only shoving mike montgomery wanted to do tonight was against the ducks, the bears looking for the 11th straight win. second half, tied. crab but jump shop. 12 for him. we'll take you to the final possession. the game is tied at 46. get out of justin's way.
11:28 pm
>> cob against loin with the bucket. >> the bears' sixth win in the last seven could get get them a bid in the big game. matthew had never losts to byu and it want happened -- lost to byu and it wasn't happen tonight. we had a one-point game. matt hodges to brandon then another davies had 25 points but denied. st. marys win. the la times reports the oakland a's have an outline for a potential move to san jose. i spoke with the a's owner this week. >> south bay is still a
11:29 pm
possibility in your mind? >> to my mind it's the only possibility in the bay area for us. >>reporter: why is that not on option? >> oakland is on older city. we couldn't find a place to get it done. no one has come to would you say a proposal. over in arizona the snow melted. rory mcllroy knocked out shane lowery in match play. charles provided the other big upset. 14-seeded hal would win. 49ers coach jim harbaugh is the the only one who goes after the media for low hanging fruit. >>reporter: how excited are you
11:30 pm
for being here? >> i don't know what kind of reaction your wanting from me. >> kevin harvick holds off busch. cheer leaders are athletes too. the ashley of william carry university. somersault and the ball went in. we'll be back after this.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. (kenneth cherry, aka kenny clutch, had three david letterman is next with johnny depp. >> you're a big depp fan. >> absolutely. all of his movies. >> love it. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway broadcasting across the nation and around the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. h. and now, with a mix of sun and clouds david letterman!
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captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: good evening, thank you very much. welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen, i'm dave. hi how you doing? hey, what are we going to do about a-rod? (laughter and applause) what? i don't know. (laughter) welcome to new york city great to have you folks here. it's exciting to be in new york city isn't it? (cheers and applause) we have a lot of wraps in new

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